Forgiveness to Destroy Uses Empathy of the Ego to Reinforce Itself

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) does not compromise that we are all guiltless and no error has occurred. To know this, you have to learn to recognize the forgiveness to destroy judgments which requires honesty and discernment since they seem so right, nice, kind and necessary. In this third article, we are going to bring empathy into the discussion and how the ego uses it to judge errors of sickness, pain, suffering, misfortune and being treated unfairly as a means to hide (destroy) Love and keep you stuck in ego judgments. All four (4) aspects of forgiveness to destroy get used in the ego’s version of empathy which is false empathy.

How the ego goes about this is something we see (judge) and act on everyday. While most consider attack to only be a verbal or a physical assault, it is really a denial of the Truth (Love) in whatever form it shows up. In false empathy, the ways in which the ego hides Love is more covert: It gets you to see (judge) and join (agree) in its conditional love by having your heart go out in compassion for these ego conditions thus making them appear through its magic act. Ego’s false love is conditional since the conditions are only those of the ego.


The definition of empathy is: “The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” Out of this, ‘share’ is the key word as it relates to the Law of Extension: What you share, or extend, is what you want to keep in your mind.

It comes down to being honest about what you are really sharing and that is difference between false empathy and true empathy. You are either sharing the weakness (many conditions and false truths) of the ego or the strength of God (the One Truth, Love).

False Empathy

False empathy shares the ego’s weakness despite the “kind” judgment that it will help. Using the ego mind as cause only shares ego aspects of sin, guilt and fear in their fragmented forms since it is nothing more than a judgmental thought system. Judgments are (1) decisions with (2) conclusions or meanings assigned to them.

Decision: Ego loves your heart to go out to someone because they are sick, in pain, suffering, have been treated unfairly or some other misfortune.

Conclusion (meanings assigned to the decision): The ego feelings are compassion, concern, pity and ministering to people by wanting to take away others pain, suffering and unfairness (injustice), etc.

Effect: As ego cause judgments, they reinforce the idea of suffering, sickness, injustice and victimization by agreeing (joining) with the ego’s interpretation that something is wrong and these are true. Ego wants you to feel bad. It is a kill or be killed thought system. ACIM says to not trust our good intentions and ego considers these good intentions because they agree with ego. Sharing those attributes is sharing weakness.

The further effect is this denies the mind and strength (Love) associated with the mind which denial hides the Truth (Love). That is an ego attack. Using projection, you are not responsible as it’s all beyond God’s control (Laws of Chaos). You blame someone or something else which is also attack. However, the first attack came back at the denial of Love and that is where the choice needs to be made.

Same As You Empathizer

Someone who agrees with these ego conditions is a “same as you” forgiveness to destroy false empathizer. It is joining in same error that these conditions are true.

Using compassion as the judgmental god that ego believes itself to be, false empathizers join (agree with the ego conditions) to be a helper, do-good person, healer, teacher, martyr, or really anything that makes them feel different and more special than another. Even doctors can be tricked into this false empathy in sickness, pain and suffering.

This is the ego’s version of charity (giving of help). The soundcloud acim is when you agree with the ego’s harmful judgments, you reinforce them and separation. Ego only shares itself.

Better Than You Empathizer

Should you throw in “feeling sorry” (and pity is the key in false empathy) for the person, group, situation, etc., you’re adding the forgiveness to destroy aspect of “better than you” because now you want to help fix what’s wrong. You can only do so because you have something another does not. That makes you better. “Oh you poor thing, let me help with that.”

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