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  • Budget Christmas Gift Ideas

    Budget Christmas gift ideas are something that can be fairly closely linked with an earlier article where we saw how to go about achieving an old-fashioned Christmas, after all it’s only within the last few decades that most families have had enough disposable income to buy a lot of gifts at Christmas; not so long ago a fair amount of… read more

  • Christmas Gifts and Its History

    History of Christmas Gifts Throughout the World and Times The practice of exchanging gifts with friends and relatives on a very special wintry day, called Christmas, began in ancient northern Europe and Rome. These customs were started by people giving each other small presents as a part of the celebrations at the end of each year. And, as we learn… read more

  • Object Lesson – Christmas Bows

    Christmas gifts almost always come with a Christmas Bow. The wrapping paper, ribbons, and the bows are used to decorate and bring attention to the gift. It’s not the bow that is important, but the gift it adorns. It is sad that so many people are enjoying all the wrappings of Christmas and the decorations, but they have forgotten about… read more